"Are you sure you don't need to tie me up again?"
Cagalli in Gundam SEED vol. 3 (manga adaptation)

Welcome to Bit Alchemy Revolution – the 2009 edition. OK, so late 2009 edition. But yes, it is true, the site have actually been updated from a design point of view! Believe it or not. Even so, the things you can find here are very much the same kind of stuff: the famous - or infamous - Totally Promiscuous Pairing Machines, some fanficlets, and some even more random things. The update list are below, by the way.

Since it is 2009 now and we are well into the wonderous 21st century, the site designer - i.e. I - have broken with tradition and thrown all careful considerations of userfriendlyness for all overboard. Thus, this design requires a screen resolution of at least 1024×768. Which by todays standards isn't all that much, actually. So I guess the only people really crying over that might be the ones trying to read it on some newfangled pocket-sized tech device.

In order to keep with some traditions at least, Cagalli's picture is still lightening up this page. And in a return to this site's roots, there is once again a picture of Riza Hawkeye gracing the front page, just like it was way back in '04 when Bit Alchemy Revolution was newborn.


News, updates & such things

2009/09/06 As stated above, the new design has finally gone live. And that also means that finally the ficlet archive has been updated; there's new old things in pretty much all sections now, and even the occasional new new stuff too! Not that anyone cares, really.

2009/06/26 By popular request there is now a Naruto Pairing Machine available.

2009/06/25 A Hetalia Axis Powers Pairing Machine is the latest addition to the PMs. No, it does not include all countries on earth. Not yet at least.

2009/06/08 The pairing machines are back online. Sorry for the downtime. If you are linking directly to the machines' result pages, please note that they have changed! The preferred way of linking is to the respective pairing machine's intro page by the way.

2009/06/01 The pairing machines and the navigation menu on some pages are temporarily out of order due to my web host having changed the server and apparently something has been reset to standard. And I of course don't use the standard... It will be fixed as soon as possible. Just give me a couple of days.

And since I'm writing anyway; Yes, there will be updates too later on.

Yet older news

2008/04/21 A Gundam 00 Pairing Machine added.

2007/11/02 The pairing machines are back in working order after an update at my webhost which somehow broke them. (The same host upgrade has broken the navigation links in the fic archive, and I will fix them as soon as possible. But the machines had priority. Until then, please use your browser's back button if needed.) If you have tried to use these pages during the last days and they still don't work, you may have to empty your web browser's cache to be able to access them again.

2007/02/19 No, I'm not dead, only almost. Here's a Gravitation Pairing Machine now.

2006/05/20 OK, so I never got around to write this scrap of news onto this page back when it really was news. Anyway, the Totally Promiscuous Ouran Host Club Pairing Machine exist, and have done so for quite a while.

2005/10/05 At last got around to put something into the section for Gundam SEED in the ficlet archive.

2005/06/30 Since I find rearranging code so entertaining, there's now a Slayers Pairing Machine too. I know, I'm hopeless.

2005/06/04 On request, there's now a Kyou Kara Maou Pairing Machine available. And just for fun I also made one for Gundam Wing.

2005/04/28 The FMA Pairing Machine has been slightly updated (basically by adding more random words), and got some company - the Gundam SEED (and Destiny) Pairing Machines.

2005/04/27 I have restructured the navigation a bit, but everything is still here. Oh, and one new thing too - the FMA Pairing Machine.

2005/02/26 Put my short FmA: Sparkling Valentine special drabble in the archives.

2005/02/08 New drabble added. This time a short one titled Feelings Let Out. Fullmetal Alchemist as usual. And for a universal audience, which is unusual. ^^;

2005/01/16 Added the Ed and Dr. Freud drabble of December 21, 2004, to the collection here.

2004/12/03 Bit Alchemy Revolution - now with contents! Sort of, at least. The contents in question are all related to the Swedish custom of celebrating Lucia, and if you read my LiveJournal you've probably already seen them. But if you're familiar with Swedish traditions, like anime, found your way here, and doesn't visit my LJ, this might be something for you. The links are to the left, in case you wonder.

2004/10/07 It's time for a new experimental design, and since Fullmetal Alchemist has ended, I've turned to Mobile Suit Gundam Seed for inspiration. Thus this design. As usual, this subsite is still contentless, but someday that will change, I hope. It's also still made without use of table tags. Yay!

This is currently a rant space and an experimental area. For now, I got nothing real to rant about other than the fact that I once again got hooked on Jpop. Two-Mix, T.M.Revolution, and Melon Kinenbi are the current fads. OK, so Two-Mix is a constant obsession, not a temporary one.

Why Bit Alchemy Revolution?
Good question. First and foremost, it's just meant as a nonsens line, but it does have some sort of interpretation. Bit as in the smallest unit in computer mathematics – one-eight of a byte – and bit as in bitbeast; Alchemy as in making a substance from another; And Revolution as in... well, revolution. Just go for the nonsens explanation, will you?


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