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Title: Ed and Dr Freud
Date: 2005
Author: Duokai
Rating: All ages (G)
Genre: Silly, humor
Pairing: None
Spoilers: For the entire first anime series
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Ed and Dr. Freud

Vienna, Austria. Sometime in the late 1910s, early 20s.

"Ah, willkommen, mein young Edward Elric." The old, bearded man rose from his place behind the desk, made a move to shake hand with him, but quickly changed to greet Ed with his left hand, having spotted his disability.

"You have had zome trouble sleeping recently I underztand?" the man said with the characteristic accent of a German speaker talking English, while at the same time inviting his young guest to take place on an old, well-used divan.

Ed nodded and slumped down on the divan.

"Zo, tell me a little about ze dreams."

"Last night I dreamed about me being crushed to death under a burning zeppelin airship again."

"I understand. I understand. Any more dreams recently?"

Ed hesitated for a moment, but finally decided to go on. "Sometimes I have these odd dreams about being... intimate with all kinds of people. Many in military uniforms."

"I see," Mr Freud said plainly, apparently trying not to give away any emotions. And had it been a less observant patient than Ed, he most likely would have succeeded in that. From his place on the divan, Ed couldn't see the doctor's face, but various small signs - the sound of him readjusting himself in the chair, a faint change in his breathing - told him that the old man was reacting somewhat on what he heard.

"Anything more?" the doctor asked unsuspiciously.

"Well, there are these recurring dreams about my father being 400 years old, my brother being a soul without a body, my half-brother being the manifestation of a deadly sin, my lost arm and leg taking on a life of their own and wanting to kill me, and my mother being resurrected from the dead as a heap of jellylike goo, later to confront me as a manifestation of another deadly sin..."

The old man listened with interest, before he rose from his chair and went to the door. "Nurse," he shouted to the woman in the adjacent room, "Make zure too cancel all ze other patients for today. I have got a most interesting case to study!"

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