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Title: Sparkling Valentine
Date: 2005/02
Author: Duokai
Rating: All ages (G)
Genre: Silly, romance
Pairing: Ed/Winry
Spoilers: None
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Sparkling Valentine

It had taken a while, but they finally seemed to have shaken off everyone.

"Think they have given up now?" Winry asked Ed, still breathing rapidly from the last run through the corridors.

"I really hope so." Ed didn't showed the same physical signs of exhaustion as Winry, but he compensated well enough for that by showing a greater degree of irritation.

The thing was that Mustang and his senior staff for some reason seemed to be under the impression that Ed and Winry housed romantical feelings for each other. Which, according to Ed, was a stupid idea. Sure, Winry was nice and all that, but a girlfriend! Nah. They had known each other since early childhood. Of course he had noticed that Winry was a girl, and a really pretty one too. But she was Winry. And... Anyway, it wasn't their business. Really.

Still, Mustang's staff seemed to think that he and Winry only needed some encouragement and good advice to overcome what the others mostly saw as shyness. And apparently they had chosen this day to commence 'Operation Valentine'.

Their techniques had been different and to the bigger part directed toward Ed. While he had succeeded in shaking off Fuery, Havoc, and Falman without too much trouble, Mustang had turned out to be a harder nut. When called to the colonel's office, Ed couldn't really do anything else than obey.

Finally he had been able to flee from Roy's detailed descriptions of how to woo a woman, and on his way to freedom he had spotted Winry and lieutenant Hawkeye in the other end of a corridor, chatting. When Ed got closer, he noticed Winry's slightly red cheeks. The girl seemed to be blushing!

When Hawkeye spotted Ed, she said something to Winry that he couldn't overhear, and walked past Ed in her usual serious-minded pace, only greeting him with a quick nod. Under the circumstances that made Ed relieved. He hadn't been at all that surprised if the lieutenant had forced him and Winry together at gunpoint.

Ed was just about to ask Winry about what Hawkeye had said to her, but was interrupted by Fuery and Havoc approaching, without doubt still intent on making the young, hesitant love-birds see the light.

It had taken a good ten minutes of zig-zagging through the maze-like corridors of the military complex to shake them off, but at last they seemed to have lost them.

The room shared by Ed and Al was probably the last place they should look at, Ed assumed. Mustang and the others were too much into scheming and plotting to realize that someone would try to hide in such an obvious place.

He closed the door and followed Winry's example, sitting down beside her at one of the beds.

"They sure are persistient," she commented. More to avoid an awkward silence than to state a point. "They really want to talk with you, it seems."

Ed froze. He hadn't thought about the fact that Winry maybe hadn't been subjected to the same direct, and very hands-on approach as he had been. But then again, he had seen lieutenant Hawkeye and Winry talking. And Winry's reaction to something the lieutenant had said. He decided he was willing to take the risk.

"So, what was it the lieutenant talked with you about before?" Ed asked in what he hoped was an unconspiciously tone.

Before Winry had a chance to answer, they were interrupted by the door crashing open, instantly followed by a veritable shower of pink sparkles.

"Do not fret. I, Alex Louis Armstrong, master of love, is here!"

The young couple on the bed knew when the game was over.

They were doomed.

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