The Totally Promiscuous FMA Pairing Machine

Are you out of fresh ideas for your Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic writing? Then the FMA Pairing Machine has a challenge for you.

Click to get your writing challenge.

If you get a challenge you find too scary, ridiculous, repulsive, or whatever, just reload the page to get a new one. (But please don't reload too excessivly, or you may end up killing the server. ^^;)

This is the lite version of the machine (mainly because the non-limited one has a little too excentric ideas), so don't expect to find every character included. Also, this version is based on the anime series, so no Ling, Mei, or other manga-only characters are included for now.

The FMA Pairing Machine is a part of the Bit Alchemy Revolution site.