Gundam SEED (Destiny)

Twin Bullets (12/PG)

Athrun stood at a short distance, looking at the young woman in front of him while she was practising shooting.

"You need to loosen your grip," he advised. "Don't cling to the pistol, just hold it. It won't escape from you."

Cagalli nodded as a sign that she had heard his advice, aimed at the target again and fired two shots.

"That's better. But now you need to adjust your posture. Here, I'll show you." He walked over to her and positioned himself behind her, wrapping his arms around her, so that he could show her how to position her arms. "You just have to relax a little more when you aim." He laid his hands over hers on the pistol grip and adjusted her stance a little. "There, that would do it."

He stepped back, freeing up the space enough around her so that she could fire another round.

"Damn, still too high!" Cagalli said with irritation in her voice, while she quickly replaced the paper target. "Show me again, will you?" She retook the aiming position.

He returned to the place right behind her and adjusted her upper arms slightly. Again feeling the faint mixed smell of citrus and sweat from her hair. It was an oddly confusing scent, which in some odd way comforted him, and he had to remind himself what he was supposed to be doing. Satisfied with her positioning of the arms, he went on to put his hands around her waist, slightly adjusting her overall pose. From there some sort of reflex made him once again slide his hands upward over the thin fabric of her T-shirt.



"Those aren't my arms, you know. And I'm pretty sure they don't interfere with my shooting."

Nevertheless, she seemed to have no intention to try to stop him.

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