Fanficlets - Gundam SEED [Destiny]

Title: Young Pilots
Date: 2006/04/21
Author: Duokai
Rating: 15 (R)
Genre: Yaoi, crack
Pairing: Yzak/Athrun, Rusty/Nicol
Spoilers: None
Comments: A good writer can write any genre. So a not-so-good one has to try sometime too.
Link to first publication: LiveJournal

Young Pilots

Setting: During Athrun & co’s time in training as MS pilots. Immediately pre-GS in other words.


Athrun awoke in a sleepy daze and was a little surprised to find that he wasn’t alone in the bed. He had no real memory of getting a girl to follow him back yesterday night. Actually, he hadn’t very clear memories at all. Tormenting his tired brain, he came to the conclusion that he maybe had succeeded in talking that brunette into accompanying him after all. But then what?

He turned to look at the slender figure still sleeping beside him. His tired eyes following the curves covered by the thin sheet, up to where platinum blonde hair spread over the pillow. Not the brunette then, Athrun thought for himself. A blonde. But he couldn’t recall having talked to any blonde.

Curious, he pushed himself up by the elbow to get a better look. And that was when the blood froze to ice in his veins.

“Yzak?” Athrun said, his brain suddenly feeling like it was going to implode.

* * *


The nightclub was quickly filling up with people. Even if it was one of the places closest to the ZAFT base, it wasn’t very many in uniform to be seen. Most of the cadets were dressed in civilian clothes for the evening, taking the opportunity to get out of their uniforms for once. Just like Athrun and his comrades had done.

Miguel was in good mood and seemed to have decided to continue his never-ending effort to learn the young cadets things that didn’t had so much to do with their military education. Or maybe it had. After hearing some of the older cadets’ stories, Athrun wasn’t too sure which. What he did know, on the other hand, was that if the nightly activities had been part of the official curriculum, he would have failed miserably.

The small group walked across the large, dimly lit room to a table out of the more crowded areas, but still close enough to the bar and the dance floor for them to be able to take part of what happened around them.

“Had a nice meeting with Lacus?” Rusty asked Athrun in conversational tone when they had sat down at a table.

The blue-haired young man tried not to sigh. Rusty’s question had been without any real purpose, but Athrun knew all too well what would follow. It always did.

“So,” Dearka asked Athrun, “How far have you got?” There was no doubt what the question implied. And the long, awkward silence from Athrun’s side was just as much an answer as any words could have been. Dearka let out a sigh.

“You really are a hopeless case. Everything served on a silver platter like that, and you still can’t get around to sneak away into a corner and enjoy yourself!”

“Everyone isn’t like you,” Athrun said in a low, embarrassed voice.

Dearka shrugged. “Okay, I guess it’s up to you if you want to respect her virtue like that.” He took a sip from his glass with beer. “But that doesn’t mean you have to torment yourself. There are lots of girls who only want some good time. No commitments. See it as practice for your wedding night if you want to. Trust me, it’s best for everyone. Lacus’ gonna have big expectations on you, you know.”

Athrun didn’t say anything. There wasn’t much to say. They have had this kind of conversation before. And in a way, he wasn’t sure what he felt about it. Part of him wanted to be true to the one that had been selected his fiancée, even if it was only out of duty. But another part of him wanted desperately to be like the other cadets. Especially since the question came up way too often for his taste.

The fact was that he had tried. The arranged betrothal wasn’t something he had had a say in, and in his eyes it didn’t count for much. And by judging from Lacus behaviour she wasn’t exactly overly exalted about it either. But she seemed to have surrendered to their parents will in a way that Athrun couldn’t. He had hated the idea from the minute his father had told him, and had very well been able to do it just as an act of rebellion.

Had been able to. But for some reason it never worked out as planned.

Athrun leaned back, in deep thoughts. The first to disappear was Dearka, naturally. The blonde, attractive male had quickly found a silver-haired girl and after a number of short chats intertwined with some tours to the dance floor, the two walked towards the exit, Dearka waving a short goodbye to the three of his comrades who were back at the table for the moment. Nicol was the only one waving back. Athrun and Yzak only looked after him when he disappeared.

“How does he do that?” Yzak’s voice was equal parts curiosity and jealousness.

“Dunno.” Athrun shrugged. It was very obvious that Dearka had something the others lacked. Call it sex appeal or whatever. But something it was.

Rusty returned with a new round of drinks. Athrun had lost track of exactly how many it had been by now, but eager to dampen his current feelings, he started on the new glass. The drink, whatever it was Rusty had ordered, tasted of alcohol, and Athrun started to feel a little tipsy. A dark-haired female walked over to their table and talked for a short while with Yzak before the two of them disappearing out onto the dance floor.

Two girls that Athrun vaguely recognised from their basic training course suddenly approached, and he did his best to engage in a conversation with them. As usual it seemed to be easier for Nicol though. Another of his own curses, Athrun thought. Females often found him good-looking, but got disappointed when they realised that his sexy looks wasn’t accompanied with a Dearka-like charm.

In the end, it turned out none of them had any particular luck this evening. The girls turned out to have weapons training scheduled for the next day, and left early. A while later, a grumpy Yzak rejoined the other three at the table.

Rusty looked at his watch. It was already late and people had started to drop away. “Guess we can just as well give up,” he said. “We’re supposed to get up before noon tomorrow after all.”

It was a party of four somewhat disappointed males that walked the dimly lit road home. When Miguel had brought up the idea of a night out, it had sounded like good entertainment. In hindsight, it was a mixed bag they’d got. The initial hopes had faded and given way for frustration. Especially for Athrun, who once again had had to face his comrades’ spoken and unspoken questions. He walked in silence, not paying much attention to the others talking.

The short walk back to the base took only some ten minutes, and when they arrived at their lodging, Athrun was trailing behind the others, still lost in his own thoughts. On his way in, Nicol turned at the doorstep, waiting for his older comrade to catch up. But Athrun gestured to him that they could go ahead without waiting for him. Right now, he wanted to be alone for some minutes, trying to clear his head a little before getting to bed. The rounds around the building didn’t help much to ease his mind though, and after coming back to the front door for the third time he gave up his futile efforts to shake the dizziness and thoughts from his head.

When he entered the main corridor, he didn’t bothered to turn on the light. The faint light from outside was enough to help him navigate the route to the room that he and Nicol shared. Besides, Nicol had probably already gone to bed, and he didn’t want to have to turn on the light in the room and wake him up. But when he entered the room, his friend’s bed was empty, and Nicol was nowhere to be seen. A fact that Athrun in his current dizzy state found a little odd. The others had after all been back some ten or fifteen minutes before him. He shook his head and was thinking of just letting it slip. His comrade could take care of himself after all. But a random thought made him go to have a quick look in the common room.

What he found wasn’t exactly what he expected. A single lamp in one corner was all that provided light to the room, and had it not been for the fact that Athrun’s eyes already were accustomed to the dim light, he probably wouldn’t have seen the two figures standing in front of the sofa. Nicol was undressed, except for his boxers, and Rusty was shirtless, with Nicol tugging at his belt, encouraged by Rusty’s hands caressing his body.

Like frozen, Athrun stood in the doorway, taking in the scene in front of him. Nicol undoing the red-haired boy’s belt. Rusty’s hands tugging at Nicol’s boxers. When the two lovers took a step back toward the sofa, Athrun retreated, fearing to be discovered where he stood.

With a rapidly beating heart, he walked the short way back through the corridor. His head filled with thoughts. It wasn’t that he was very surprised, really. That kind of relations wasn’t all that odd after all. But it was one thing hearing the rumours, another to find his own comrades doing it. Suddenly he felt jealous. And aroused. Was everyone finding a way to get what he wanted tonight except him?

He had always made it back when Yzak, who appeared from the room he shared with Dearka and Rusty, intercepted him.

“You’re back? I almost started to think you had found a girl for the night?” Yzak said with a grin. He looked thoughtfully at Athrun. “Or maybe something else?”

The silver-haired male took a step closer to Athrun. “You saw Rusty and Nicol, didn’t you?” He placed a hand on Athrun’s crotch. “Jealous?” Yzak moved his hand upwards, toward the lining of Athrun’s trousers. “You need to relax a little now and then, you know,” he continued while his fingers found their way in under the shirt. “You know, it’s not all that different. If you’re in need of pleasure, take it where you can get it.”

The fingers against Athrun’s sensitive belly skin were soft and caressing, but with a promise of being capable of more. He had missed this feeling. The feeling of skin against skin. The feeling of being human.

In an unspoken agreement, they moved the few metres into the room. The two drunken boys ended up on the bed closest to them. Which happened to be Athrun’s. Yzak’s hands were quickly back at Athrun’s belly, this time concentrating on the button and zipper in the pants. Somewhat less skilfully, but no less eager, Athrun did his best to return the favours. Feverishly freeing Yzak from his shirt, he ran his hands over the muscular body, trying to keep up with the elder boy, who always was a step before him.

Yes, Athrun thought for himself, he knew what he wanted. What he needed. And there was no reason not to have it when he could.

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