Gundam SEED Destiny

Uniforms (All ages/G)

"Come on Athrun. Wearing an Orb uniform wouldn't kill you, you know."

The thought had entered Cagalli's mind while they were driving to the harbour. Although Athrun had been acting as her bodyguard for over a year now, and as such formally being employed by the Orb military, he had never once worn an Orb uniform. Not even when accompanying her on official inspections. And as usual when she had gotten an idea in her mind, she wasn't the one giving it up easily. But half an hour of argumentation while in the car hadn't made him to comply. Until now, it seemed.

"I'll wear one, but only on one condition."

Cagalli shrugged. "Sure, what do you want me to do?"

"You'll have to wear a ZAFT mobile suit pilot uniform."

They simultaneously glanced at Lunamaria, who was in the other end of the corridor, occupied with a vending machine.

The look in Cagalli's eyes told Athrun it was high time for a strategic retreat.

(For the record, note that I actually wrote this before the fourth opening of GSD was released.)

Bit Alchemy Revolution © 2005 Tonakai Studio. Image of Kagari from Gundam SEED © Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Masatsugu Iwase, Sotsu Agency, and Sunrise