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Title: Talking About Babies
Date: 2005/11/27
Author: Duokai
Rating: 7 (PG)
Genre: Crack, silly
Pairing: Shinn/Lunamaria
Spoilers: Spoiler for Gundam SEED Destiny phase 32-33, and a very slight spoiler-warning for the rest of the series as well.
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Talking About Babies

"Lunamaria, do you want to have a baby?" Shinn's question was very direct, and very unexpected. She had noticed all the day that he had something on his mind that he wanted to say, but she hadn't expected that.

"What?!" she lowered the bottle she was holding, trying her best not to drop it out of sheer surprise.

"Because I really like you, and I can't think of anyone more fitting." He looked at her with a sincere look. Apparently he wasn't kidding.

"Gee, thanks, I guess. But..." she hesitated. "Are you sure you're ready to being a father?"

"Oh, I didn't mean it in that way. I mean, I payed for getting a cloned egg of Stellar prepared, would you mind taking care of her for 16 years or so, until she can be my girlfriend?"

When her brain short-circuited, the only thing she remembered afterward was the sound of her juice bottle getting crushed in her hand.

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