Fanficlets - Gundam SEED [Destiny]

Title: Secret Diary?
Date: 2005/11/04
Author: Duokai
Rating: All (G)
Genre: Humor, fluff
Pairing: sort of Asucaga
Spoilers: Sort of contains spoiler for Gundam SEED Destiny phase 47.
Comments: In any case I suppose you need to have seen that far to get it.
Link to first publication: LiveJournal

Secret Diary?


The young brown-haired man looked up from his place at the small table. "Yes?" He could see the slight hint of worry in Athrun's face.

"About Mia Campbell's diary... Did you..?"

"Yeah, I talked to Murrue about it, but she said it was most likely to be counted as evidence and could not be tampered with. I'm sorry. It has probably already been relayed to the headquarters."

"Not even the more... personal parts?"

Kira shook his head. "But don't worry too much about it," Kira added when he saw the unhappy look in Athrun's face. "It'll probably just end up in some archive. And it's not like there was anything really embarrassing in it after all. Was it?"

"No, but still. You might see it that way, but…"

He was interrupted by the beeping sound of the videophone. Kira, gestured to him to sit, while he rose from his place at the table and headed over to the wall-mounted screen.

"Yes?" he said, pushing the relay button.

The supreme commander of ORB had a computer screen in front of her and didn't look entirely happy.

"Kira!" Cagalli said in a commanding voice. "I want to speak with Athrun. Now!"

Kira, knowing when it was best to keep his mouth shut, nodded and moved aside, giving Athrun a look filled with sympathy before he decided that this was probably a good time to take a walk.

The last thing he heard when he walked out through the door was Athrun's meek "Yes, Cagalli?"

This was a fight Athrun could never win.

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