Fanficlets - Gundam SEED [Destiny]

Title: School Work
Date: 2005/12/14
Author: Duokai
Rating: All Ages (G)
Genre: Humor
Pairing: None
Spoilers: None
Comments: Takes place after Gundam SEED. Written as a gift to a friend.
Link to first publication: LiveJournal

School Work

Cagalli threw the pencil across the room. She just had had enough of this! It was insane! Who cared about the exact legal requirements and procedure for importing coffee beans into Orb anyway? Except possibly a trader in imported groceries. Something she had no intention to ever be. So why was she supposed to be able to explain the process in detail? For a moment she played with the idea to petition the parliament to rewrite the "Importation of Organic Products Act". That would probably be easier than writing this stupid report anyway.

It wasn't that she wasn't able to learn. She was. It was only that she had no interest in doing it. At least not these boring subjects. At least not right now and in this way. Organised studies weren't the way Cagalli learned new things. And still, she had to. It wasn't exactly a choice. In a way it had been easier when her father was alive. Back then she could have argued and complained about it. Now she felt the more or less unspoken obligation. As the head of the Athha family and now head-of-state, she had to have a higher education, even if it wasn't to any real benefit. She already knew how both government and society worked, that knowledge had she got more or less in her blood from an early age. The problem was that the knowledge in itself wasn't enough. She needed to have the formal paperwork as well.

Her education had been pretty messed up, by the war, by her running away. Sure, she had learned a lot of things in that period too, but she still needed a more formal education. And now she had to try to accomplish that.

She looked angrily at the big pile of books lying on the table before her. Political and social science, history, judicial books and heaps of loose sheets of paper covered most of the coffee table. With a sigh, she grabbed a book from the pile at random, pushed aside the red Morgenröte jacket, a pair of her combat style trousers and the holstered handgun that for some reason had ended up lying around in the sofa, so that she got some space to sit.

Sighing again, she forced herself to start reading, and try to suppress her feelings of irritation toward the obnoxious book.


Athrun was standing in the hallway, enjoying the view from one of the open windows and breathing in the clear air, tinged with the deep fragrance of flowers and an almost unnoticeable smell of sea. He loved days like this. Peaceful, quiet, nothing to worry about. For a moment he played with the thought that he should make Cagalli company, but his previous experiences told him it was probably better to stay away from her when she studied.

His thoughts were brutally interrupted when he heard the gunshot. From Cagalli's apartment! Or at least in the near vicinity of it.

The few seconds it took him to run from the hallway to the rooms that made up Cagalli's private apartment felt like an eternity, and he had to fight his fears of what could have happened. When he rushed into the living room, the first thing he saw was Cagalli standing in the middle of the room, looking a little stirred up but otherwise unharmed. A sight that made his pounding heart slow down a little.

"What happened?" he asked, while his eyes were scanning the room for possible dangers. But everything looked normal, if somewhat messed up. No one else was to be seen. The windows were all closed and looked unscathed.

"Oh, that. Nothing to worry about. Really." Cagalli waved her hands dismissively. "You really don't need to worry about it." She almost tried to push him out through the door again, something that didn't exactly lessen his suspicions that she tried to hide something.

Athrun managed to get around her blocking arms, and looked around the room until something over at the sofa caught his interest. He went over to it and started digging around in the piled up clothes that lay there, almost too neatly piled. Like if someone had made an effort to arrange them in a pile, until he suddenly stopped.


"Yes?" her face suddenly got redder.

"Why is there a bullet hole in this law book?"

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