Fanficlets - Gundam SEED [Destiny]

Title: In Heat
Date: 2006/04/13
Author: Duokai
Rating: 7 (PG)
Genre: Romance, fluff
Pairing: Asucaga
Spoilers: None
Link to first publication: LiveJournal

In Heat

ORB during the summer was hot. Very hot! Athrun wiped away some sweat drops from his forehead with his arm. Not that it didn’t had its benefits too, he thought, his eyes following a group of scantily clad females that walked by him where he stood leaning against the wall. Having nothing better to do, he let his eyes trail the girls until they turned around the corner and out of view.

With a sting of disappointment, he turned his attention back to the store Cagalli had disappeared into. For a moment he wished he had followed her in. The store most likely had the air conditioning running. But she had ordered him not to accompany her, and it was in his best interest to oblige the order. For now, at least.

It wasn’t that the heat really was a problem for him. He was after all trained for working in though environments. But no matter how much training he had had, Athrun still had spent most of his upbringing in climate-controlled environments. And these haphazard changes in temperature and humidity sometimes still took him by surprise.

After what felt like a long wait, she emerged from the store, carrying a small paper bag. As usual, her concessions to the current weather were minimal. Dressed in her favourite cargo pants and a light blue T-shirt, she gave him a run for the “most dressed-up” title. Most of the people Athrun had seen during the day had opted for lighter clothing styles. Especially the females. Apparently Cagalli either had a thing for modesty, or she just was more accustomed to the warm climate than he was.

“So, did you find what you were looking for?”

She nodded. “I’m sorry you had to wait that long.”

They walked down the street toward the sea, and the broad esplanade where they had left the car, guided by the smell of salt water and the faint screams of seagulls. Halfway there, they passed the group of females that Athrun had seen earlier. This time, they were noticing him as much as he had noticed them. And even if they tried to keep their voices low, it was pretty obvious that they found the handsome male attractive.

Cagalli had noticed the females’ attention too. She repeatedly glanced over at Athrun while they continued to the car, taking in the sight of the young male in his jeans and the thin shirt with the top buttons undone. The girls were right, naturally. He sure was handsome. But for some reason she hadn’t thought about that aspect of him very much. Not that she hadn’t noticed, of course she had. But she wasn’t used to think of him in that way. And she definitely wasn’t used of the thought that others might see Athrun in that light. For a second she felt insecure. What did she have to put up against all these other girls? Sure, she wasn’t a nobody, exactly. But that could work just as much against her as for her. After all, her position meant long workdays, lots of duties, and little free time. There were times when she barely saw him for days. And when they did have time to be together, they still had to be careful not to make it too obvious, since they still wasn’t an official couple. No, not exactly the dream girlfriend, she thought. And, as those giggling girls had made her painfully aware of, he could get any girl he wanted. Luckily, for some reason Athrun had chosen to stay at her side. Being the kind of person she was, she had tried to figure out exactly why, but hadn’t been able to find an answer to that question. Not that it really mattered. As long as he stayed.

She didn’t like to admit it, but somehow she had become dependent on him. And she wasn’t used to that. She needed to have him around. He and Kira were the only two persons in the world that she could fully trust. That she could confide in. And, unlike Kira, Athrun had other qualities to offer. She felt how she blushed slightly at the thought. But it was true. Not necessarily always in that way though, she reminded herself. Actually, just being able to be physically close to him was more than enough many times. To feel that he was there to help her if she needed it. To share her life.

She needed him. Now and in the future. And she was thoroughly determined to do her best to keep it that way.

“Do you have anything planned for the rest of the afternoon?” she asked inconspicuously when they had reached the car and was following the main road out from the city centre.

“No. Why?”

She shrugged. “I was just thinking. Maybe we could take a little time off. There’s this secluded beach up on the west coast...”

If Athrun hadn’t had his eyes concentrating on the road, he would have seen the smile on Cagalli’s lips.

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