Fanficlets - Gundam SEED [Destiny]

Title: Getting Wet
Date: 2006/04/29
Author: Duokai
Rating: 15 (R)
Genre: Romance, fluff
Pairing: Asucaga
Spoilers: None
Comments: The usual stuff. But this time I have something, and someone, to blame for my somewhat perverted inspiration. Sometimes a pic says more than 1626 words. Or at least can inspire to write them.
Link to first publication: LiveJournal

Getting Wet

Athrun looked again at the woman walking at his side. She was smiling, happy to be away from the duties of her office. Walking with light steps and now and then glancing over at him. It wasn’t often Cagalli wore a dress, but this was one of those few occasions. It was a dress made to be used in Orb’s tropical climate. The pale light green skirt was of thin silky fabric that almost glittered in the sunlight, and the emerald green jacket-like blouse wasn’t much thicker. A fact that sometimes made it hard for Athrun to concentrate. An orange ribbon around Cagalli’s slender waist perfected the image.

It had been Cagalli who first had proposed that they should take the day off, fleeing the city and her administrative duties. An idea that Athrun happily agreed to, even without knowing exactly what she had had in mind. As it was, it had turned out that when she had used the phrase ‘fleeing the city’ she had meant exactly that. Their goal turned out to be a secluded beach at the west coast of the island. In fact, had it not been for Cagalli he would never have found it. The small road that led from the main road out toward the ocean ended without a trace of the actual coastline in sight, and it had taken almost half an hour of walking along a narrow path through dense forest until they had caught the first glimpse of the sea. But the beach had turned out to be well worth the effort.

They sat down in the sand, close to each other. For a while they just sat there, watching the waves slowly roll in over the golden sand. The air smelled of salt and seaweed, mixed with the scent of tropical flowers from the forest that like a curtain followed the long but narrow beach. In the distance Athrun could hear the faint screams of seagulls. It was like paradise. He glanced over at Cagalli at her side. It was paradise.

It was Cagalli who first broke the silence. “I love this place,” she said, her eyes gazing at the horizon. “My dad used to bring me here when I was little.” She removed her shoes and stretched out on the warm sand. “Sometimes he took a swim with me, or we competed by running from one end of the beach to the other. But most of the time I used to run around on my own while he was busy working. Exploring the beach, climbing the palm trees, throwing myself into the waves whenever it got to sweaty.”

She fell silent again, just lying on her back watching the clear blue sky. Athrun didn’t say anything. There was no need to, and he did not want to interfere in her happy childhood memories. For a moment he found himself being jealous on Cagalli. His childhood memories hadn’t been all that rosy.

“Come,” Cagalli said all of a sudden, quickly getting back up on her feet and with a steady grip on his arm pulling him with her. “Let’s see if the water is as nice as it looks.”

Before Athrun had a chance to protest, she had walked straight out in the water, and didn’t stop until she had water to her knees, soaking the lower part of her skirt.

“Come on,” she said to him where he had stopped at the waterfront. “You’re supposed to be my protector, aren’t you?” She laughed. “Are my bodyguard afraid of getting wet?” She tilted her head a little. “Or am I just not worth that little sacrifice from your side?”

The sight of the smiling blond girl standing in the water, playfully mocking him in a way only she was capable of, was an open invitation to him. An invitation he couldn’t resist. And she knew it. She knew it all too well.

Athrun walked over to where she stood, put his arms around her from behind and pulled her close. “You know I would never let anything happen to you. I’ll do anything for you. And you know that.”

She turned her head, rewarding him with a big smile. “Tell me,” she said, “Do all bodyguards take such good care of their clients?”

He placed a soft kiss on her neck. “Well, this bodyguard is very devoted to his duty.” The first kiss was followed by a second one, this time a little further down on her neckline. Cagalli turned and snuggled into his embrace with her face resting against his chest.

“So, is it something special you want to tell me?” Cagalli was pretty sure that he by now knew exactly what it was she wanted him to say. But even then, those small words seemed to be remarkably hard to pull out of him. Still, it was always fun to press him on the issue. It had become one of her favourite ways of gently tormenting him.

“You know what I want,” he said with a childish grin. His hands, which had been stroking her back, suddenly moved lower, apparently finding other parts of his body just as interesting. And the thin skirt didn’t provide much interference for him.

She raised her head and met his eyes, filled with amusement. “Maybe someone need to cool off a little,” she laughed.

Without warning, she pushed him and he fell backwards into the knee-deep water.

The chase that ensued turned out to be a short one. Cagalli hadn’t thought about her current dressing, and it didn’t take very long for her to remember one of the reasons why she wasn’t very fond of skirts. They were hindering her movement. Especially when trying to run in water.

“Gotcha!” Athrun’s strong arms got a hold on her body from behind, and he pulled the giggling girl back toward him. “Don’t you try to run away from your bodyguard!”

As expected, she wasn’t thinking of giving in to him that easily. Instead she made an attempt to slip out of his embrace. Not really because she wanted too, or even thought it would work, but because that was what he expected of her. The only result was that she succeeded in having them both lose their footing and fall into the water.

“You’re just a good bodyguard,” she chided him playfully. “Can’t even stay on your feet in critical situations.” She splashed a handful of water on him while he rose up on his feet again. His answer was to scoop her up from the water and carry her up onto the beach, putting her down on the sand just where the waves met land. He remained standing on his hands and knees, looking directly into her golden eyes.

“You’re the only one that’s able to throw me off balance, and you know it.”

Without saying anything more he kissed her. A passionate kiss that surprised her and almost made her breathless.

Athrun was frantic, his hands all over her body. Quickly freeing her from the wet jacket that made up the upper part of her dress. Feeling her breasts. Massaging them in a rough but delightful manner.

He interrupted his physical adoration of her body for the short time it took him to get rid of his own soaked shirt and trousers, leaving her on her back in the sand, looking with golden eyes at him. Eyes that begged for the pleasure he could provide.

He had waited a long time for this. Longing for the moment when they could be together again. Returning his focus to her, he cupped his hands around her breasts, feeling her hard nipples and awarded them with kisses before his impatience took the upper hand again. He didn’t bother with trying to get the thin, now thanks to the water almost translucent skirt, off her. Instead he pushed the garment upwards until it lay like a glittering waistband around her hips. Her belly was smooth to the touch, and water droplets still adorned her skin, both on the belly and on her thighs. Freeing her from her lacy panties was a moment’s work, and she shivered slightly at his touch when he slid her hand over the sensitive inside of her thighs. He knew he shouldn’t go too fast forward, but his desire was too strong to resist. He needed her. Now.

She was a little surprised over his sudden roughness. Positively surprised. Because right now, that was what she wanted. His hands over her body, his kisses of pure fire, the wonderful feeling of him inside her. It was all what she needed in this world!

* * *

The two young lovers lay side by side in the sand, panting, while the waves rhythmically doused them with the warm water of the ocean. Athrun rolled over on his side and looked at the girl lying beside him. Cagalli had crawled out of the last remnants of her clothing, providing him with an unobscured view of her wonderful body. Lying on her back, her muzzled hair framing her face, the drops of water and the sand on her body glittering in the sunlight. She looked like a goddess just risen from the ocean. An irresistible goddess. When she felt the touch of his hand again, she turned towards him.

She laughed. “Already ready for a new round?”

The golden-haired young woman crept closer to him. Pulling a hand through his hair, playing with the dark blue strands. Pushing her body toward his, only to go on heaving herself up on top of him, straddling his chest and thereby providing him with a titillating view of her body.

“But this time, it’s my turn to lead,” she stated with a devious smile.

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