Gundam SEED (pre-GS school age fic)

Athrun's Room (All ages/G)

The door bell ringing had Athrun leave his room with a short "I'll be right back".

While waiting for Athrun to return, Kira took in the view of Athrun's small room. It was always an exciting place to be, with lots of interesting things lying around. With nothing particular to do he turned to the small bookshelf. Books on microelectronics were neatly stacked on one shelf, while another held a rather big pile of tech magazines. He grabbed the top one of the magazines and started to flip through it. About halfway through, he suddenly felt a creeping sensation on his back. Seconds later the feeling moved up toward his left shoulder area and he automatically turned his head, but immediately froze in the middle of the movement. A few inches from his nose sat a big Tarantula spider.

The following high-pitched scream and jump backward was more a reflex movement than a particularly well thought-out one. Luckily, Kira's startled jump was enough to make the big spider lose its grip and fall down on the floor, while Kira rapidly moved in the opposite direction up onto Athrun's bed.

Having heard Kira's scream, it wasn't long before Athrun entered the room.

"Oh, you found Kumo," Athrun said, bending down and carefully lifted the big spider from the floor. "Isn't he cute? He was pretty tricky to make, you know. Not much space for the electronics in that little body, and to get all the legs to move properly wasn't easy."

Kira sank down on the bed, his legs still shivering slightly. Yes, Athrun's room truly was an exciting place. For better or for worse.

Bit Alchemy Revolution © 2005 Tonakai Studio. Image of Kagari from Gundam SEED © Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Masatsugu Iwase, Sotsu Agency, and Sunrise