Gundam SEED [Destiny]

After the Rain (All ages/G)

Author: Duokai
Rating: All ages (G)
Genre: Mood, romance
Pairing: Asucaga
Comments: -

Cagalli looked up at the steel grey sky. It had stopped raining, but the air was still filled with moisture and the smell of rain still lingered. She continued down the garden path, not with any particular destination in mind, just walking.

The leaves of the bushes along the path all glittered from the multitude of water drops clinging to them, and now and then a drop falling from the trees managed to hit Cagalli's head. She stopped and stood silent, closing her eyes and enjoyed the serenity. It was quiet, except for the soft rustling in the leaves when the water dripped down, slowly finding its way down toward the ground. For a few wonderful minutes she was one with the world. Far away from all disturbances. No demands, no obligations, no worries. Only she and the blissful stillness that surrounded her.

It was with a certain reluctance she started to walk again. Walking slowly along the winding paths that criss-crossed the large garden. It wasn't until she approached a clearing that she heard something else than the sounds of the nature. Someone was moving around in the small open area near the cliffs overlooking the beach below.

Careful not to give away any sound of her own, Cagalli slowly advanced toward the source of the sound. When she approached the place where the path opened up into the clearing, she crouched down and peeked through the foliage.

The sight of the young man in the middle of the small lawn made her heart beat faster. At first Cagalli couldn't understand what he was doing, moving around in what looked like a random pattern. But it didn't take long before she realised it. Athrun had apparently chosen to do his ordinary training practice outdoors this morning. She had been watching his ambitious training program now and then, but he wasn't too keen on being observed and usually did his best to keep her away at those times.

'But not this time, Athrun,' she thought quietly while she crept a little further into the bushes shielding her from his view. And for some reason she felt very pleased with herself.

Bit Alchemy Revolution © 2005 Tonakai Studio. Image of Kagari from Gundam SEED © Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Masatsugu Iwase, Sotsu Agency, and Sunrise