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Title: A Different Kind of Uniform
Date: 2005/11/02
Author: Duokai
Rating: 12 (PG-13), or is it 15 (R)?
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Asucaga
Spoilers: None
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A Different Kind of Uniform

It had been some time since she last went through her wardrobe, Cagalli thought, while moving a powder blue tank top to the side. And for a good reason. She quickly flipped through some of the more hideous items, but suddenly halted when her eyes fell on a white blouse in the corner. It was still there. She had forgotten that it existed. Or pushed it out of her mind, more exactly. Her mind filled with mixed emotions, she brought out the blouse and the accompanying dark red skirt.

The last time she had worn her old school uniform had been the day before she left ORB. The day after she had had her big argument with her father. She had no idea it was still here. But apparently someone must have put it in the wardrobe, waiting for her to come back home. Even the socks and shoes were still there, she noticed.

She held the skirt up to the light. The private school had been her father's idea, of course. Not that he really had reflected a lot over it. As a member of the Athha family, it just was the normal thing to do. And Cagalli hadn't had anything in particular against the school. At least nothing more than the usual for a young teenager. Except for the dress code. The clothing she held in her arms now had been the source of more than one high-pitched exchange of harsh words. Her father sure had got to know exactly how headstrong his daughter could be. In hindsight, she wasn't entirely sure if it all had been about the fact that she didn't like dressing up like that, or if it had been more about getting her way. And yet, how banal those heated arguments seemed now. In the end, it was only a skirt. A stupid school uniform.

Would it still fit her? The idea was a little weird, but her curiousness won and she quickly undressed and put on the skirt, blouse and the puffy socks. She was somewhat amazed over the fact that her hands still seemed to remember how to make the knot on the tie.

Cagalli looked at her image in the mirror. The shirt's arms were a little short, and the skirt ended even higher up on her thighs than she remembered, but all in all it still fitted her. She tugged a little at the hem of the skirt, just like she had done countless times back then, trying to make it as long as possible. But no matter how much she pulled, it still ended at the mid of her thighs.

If she were to be perfectly honest with herself, it wasn't so much the look of it that she had been objecting too, even if she never had liked to wear anything dress-like. No, the real reason was the irritating knowledge that it was something someone else forced her to wear. Something she hadn't chosen to do. No one should force her to do something. Not then, not now. But that self-insight wasn't something she ever would admit to someone else.

She was interrupted in her thoughts by the clicking sound of someone pushing the door handle, and her heart skipped a beat.

"No, Athrun, don't come..." she screamed. But he had opened the door before hearing the warning.

He did, however, stop suddenly in his path, looking at her where she stood in the middle of the room.

"It suits you," he said after he had regained the ability to speak, smiling broadly.

"I ...Just trying it on ... You wasn't supposed to see me in this," Cagalli said with an unusual timid voice for being her, and with a red face that made her embarrassment even more obvious. "I mean, I hated this outfit." She tried bolstering her voice up. "It was so impractical. And it made me look so... so..." she searched for a good word to describe her feelings. "So girly." Already when she said it, she heard how ridiculous it sounded. "I've never looked good in skirts," she added meekly.

"I don't know," Athrun said, taking in the view in front of him. "I wouldn't have had anything against seeing you in it back then." He took a step closer to her and placed a soft, very honourable kiss on her cheek.

"I'm sure you would... hey!"

Without warning, Athrun had slid her hand up beneath her skirt.

"In fact, I have nothing against seeing you in it now either," he said, his hand gently fondling her left buttock while his mouth met hers in a less honourable, but definitely more passionate kiss.

"A military man with an uniform fetish?" she teased.

"Actually, I don't care much about the uniform." His hand tugged at her panties. "It's the woman wearing it who's my main interest," he said with a smile.

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