Fanficlets - Gundam SEED [Destiny]

Title: A Day in Paradise
Date: 2006/04/17
Author: Duokai
Rating: All Ages (G)
Genre: Romance, fluff
Pairing: Asucaga
Spoilers: None
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Link to first publication: LiveJournal

A Day in Paradise, or (Fan)girlservice or Fan(girl)service

Cagalli put away the last of the document folders on her desk. Sure, there was more, of course. There always was more. But enough was enough. The rest would simply have to wait. It was beautiful weather outside, clear blue sky, a soft breeze, and 27 degrees. Orb’s climate when it was at its best. And she really needed a break.

It only took her a few minutes to walk from her office down to the large living room. A little disappointed, she noticed that the room was empty. He should be around somewhere, she was sure about that. After all he still formally was on duty. Not that his current bodyguard duty was anything else than a good excuse for them both. But still, that meant he had to be around for her. Trying to figure out where to start her search, she looked around the big room. The glass doors stood open out to the terrace outside, like they usually did in this weather.

It was the faint sound of water that made her aware of his location.

Leaning against the doorpost, she took in the scene in front of her. Athrun was in the pool, swimming in a fast pace from one end to the other, then turning for the next lap. She stood silent for a while, just watching the well-trained young man’s body gliding through the water; the blue shimmering liquid in combination with his swift movement making it look like he was weightless. A single, golden-brown body in a blue universe. Her heart started to beat a little faster.

She walked the few steps over to the side of the pool, making him notice her presence. He turned and swam over to the ladder, climbing up to greet her.

The water drops glittered on his body, providing his sun-tanned skin with an additional, gorgeous effect. She looked him over, taking in every aspect of his body. The perfectly sculpted muscles on his abdomen and arms, the chest that was still heaving faster than usual from the vigour of the swimming exercise. He sure was good-looking, she admitted to herself. And those dark blue swimming shorts didn’t do anything to reduce his attractiveness. Quite the opposite.

Without a word she approached him and pulled him into her arms. He smelled of water and chlorine, but beneath those smells where still the familiar smell that always helped soothe her mind. Right now, an embrace was just what she needed. Feeling his strong arms around her. The reassuring feeling that she wasn’t alone. And he wasn’t slow to understand what she was wanting.

She hadn’t planned for the kiss, though. But the small irritation over him not acting according to her plans faded within seconds. Instead she pushed her body even closer to his, feeling the water drops from his skin soak into her shirt.

Still kissing, her hands started to explore his body anew, taking their time. First his chest and shoulders, pausing for a while at the faint scar that he for some reason hadn’t had removed, then sliding slowly over the smooth skin on his back, down to the hem of his shorts. In a moment of sudden, devilish inspiration, she slid her hand under the hem and was rewarded with him suddenly freezing in his movements for a second. Something that made a childish part of her mind very satisfied.

It didn’t take long for him to recuperate from her unexpected move though. And the counterattack was both swift and smooth when his fingers found their way in under her shirt. But the playful battle had only begun, and the goddess of victory wasn’t planning on giving up her title just yet.

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