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Title: Starting To Get To Know Each Other
Date: 2006/10/26
Author: Duokai
Rating: All Ages (G)
Genre: Slice of life
Pairing: None
Spoilers: None
Comments: First try to write DGM.
Link to first publication: LiveJournal

Starting To Get To Know Each Other

He wasn’t the first newcomer that she had seen. But she had to admit to herself that he was, well, cuter than most. She still hadn’t made up her mind about if he was cute in an innocent boy way, or cute as in attractive boy.

Still, right now that didn’t matter very much. Linali sighed and leaned back against the doorpost, taking in the sight in front of her. Right now, the more accurate imagery was that of an enraged kitten. Weird thought, she knew that. But seeing the young boy with his white hair in its usual messy state, leaning forward over the table, bringing him eye to eye to his dark-haired antagonist on the opposite side, somehow made that cat imagery to mind. Like a kitten trying to get recognition from the older one, she thought.

He wasn’t trying to play the tough one, not like Kanda was. Two very different characters they were those two. And still maybe the same build. Not that any of them would ever agree on that, of course.

She didn’t notice Komui until he appeared at her side, a coffee cup in his hand.

“Oh, I see they have one of their small arguments,” her older brother stated in a casual, cheerful tone.

“I’m not sure if I would call it an argument, brother.”

She looked at the two males out at the floor, now seemingly ready to start throwing things at each other. ‘Fight’ was probably the more accurate word to use.

Komui shrugged. “It’s only natural for them to have different opinions. What’s important in any family is the ability to be able to speak your mind. To trust the other family members. And we’re one big happy family here after all.” Her brother’s beaming face was a stark contrast to the dark auras surrounding the other two.

“Really?” she said, a somewhat mistrusting look on her face.

“Yes. Just look at them. All over each other like that. Testing their strengths. Testing their limits. Getting to know each other. Need to know they can trust the other when needed. They’re just bonding. Brotherly love and all that.”

She gave Komui an odd look before turning her attention back to the quarrelling boys.

“By the way, speaking of trusting,” she continued after a while. “You’re finished with those reports, I hope?”

Already from the way he suddenly stirred she could tell the answer. In fact, she knew the answer even before she had asked the question.

“But Linali,” he whined in the very theatrical manner he was way too fond of, “you can’t seriously mean I should let such trivial things come in the way of important things like spending quality time with our family?”

One more gaze from his little sister was enough to make him quickly walk toward his office though. She was good at that.

Linali sighed. Yes, like a big, happy family they were. And she, most obvious, had gotten the mother role. She took a deep breath and walked into the room to deal with the newest addition to her extended family and his newfound ‘brother’ before their brotherly bonding went out of control.

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