Fanficlets - D.Gray-man

Title: On the Road
Date: 2006/10/29
Author: Duokai
Rating: All Ages (G)
Genre: Slice of life, mood
Pairing: Very faint Kandaren?
Spoilers: None
Link to first publication: LiveJournal

On the Road

“Stop fingering on that. You’ll only make it worse.”

Allen looked up from his inspection of the wound in his left hand. The gash started at the back of his palm and went on over his wrist up onto his arm. That move when he tried to block the attack had been a mistake, but it had been a reflex movement.

“And?” he asked the man sitting beside him. “Since when do you care about my wellbeing?”

“I need you in as good shape as possible. That’s all.” The older male with the long, dark hair returned his attention to his reading. Showing in a most obvious way that he didn’t really care much.

Allen looked at him. Confused. It wasn’t the answer he had expected. Or hoped for. He wasn’t sure which. If Kanda really didn’t care, why did he have to comment on such a thing? And if he did care – his apparent and well shown disinterest aside – why couldn’t he be a little more talkative and friendly? That man – that now was supposed to be Allen’s partner – was totally impossible to understand! And Allen wasn’t used to that. Something that left him with conflicting feelings of wanting to get to know him better and annoyance over the way he behaved.

He slumped back on the seat, his thoughts swirling in his head. It had been some hard days. They had both been into some fierce fights and, particularly in Allen’s case, they had taken some damage too. Allen still hadn’t decided what was worst – the actual wounds, of which the one in his left arm and hand was the most serious, since it had a direct effect on his ability to fight, or the knowledge of the impending treatment he was to receive to cure it. Probably the treatment.

He glanced over at Kanda. The older man bore his own signs of the ended battle; a narrow slit on his cheek was the only one still visible though. The wound on his leg that Allen knew was there – he had seen the torn pants and the slight limp when they had met up afterward – was now hidden under the replaced clothes. And Kanda didn’t in any way give away that it still existed. Even though it must hurt when he walked. Not many things were worthy of Kanda’s notice. That was true both for people and things. Sometimes Allen wondered if there was anything that the man really cared for. Or anyone.

Kanda looked up from the paper he was reading, and for a fraction of a second his eyes met Allen’s, who rapidly looked in another direction. He couldn’t tell if he had noticed. But he didn’t want to get caught glancing at him again. Instead Allen turned his attention to the landscape passing by outside the window. He wished he could understand Kanda a little better. It was awkward, having to work and be so close together with someone and still don’t get him.

Allen suddenly felt again exactly how tired he was. It had been long, exhausting days, both physically and mentally, and very little sleep. Without the adrenaline rushing in his veins he now felt like he could sleep for a week. Dead tired. And with the weariness came the weird thoughts. Thoughts about everything and nothing. Thoughts like those about Kanda.

The steady, rhythmic sound from the train carriage going over the rail joints. Allen fought his sleepiness for a while, repeatedly straitening himself up every time he was in danger of dozing off. But finally he succumbed to it.

Kanda hadn’t noticed. Not until he felt Allen’s head fall onto his shoulder. His first reaction was to push the boy away, but for some reason he hesitated. The younger man had fought hard, and was injured. He probably needed his rest. And, he thought, trying to justify himself in his mind, it was a strategically correct thing to do. Let him sleep when there was a chance. You never knew when the next battle would follow. Even in his own mind though, he was very aware of how hollow that explanation sounded. There was something more to it than that. Without really thinking, he lightly stroke with his hand over the sleeping young man’s white hair, turning slightly to make it more comfortable.

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