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Title: Le bain, le canard, el l'uke
Date: 2006/11/19
Author: Duokai
Rating: 15 (R)
Genre: BL, crack
Pairing: Kandaren
Spoilers: None
Comments: Total crackiness inspired by a drawing a friend made.
Link to first publication: LiveJournal

Le bain, le canard, et l'uke

Kanda wasn’t very surprised to see that Allen was in the bathroom. After the hard work they both had done today, it was to be expected. The younger man couldn’t have been in the bath very long though, seeing that it was less than half an hour since they had parted, and Allen had probably as usual strolled casually on his way back to the small apartment they currently shared on this mission. That boy was rarely in a hurry unless it was necessary.

In fact, that was one of the things that irritated him. That, and a lot of other, trivial things. His eating habits, his ignorance of rules, his lack of common sense, his stubbornness... The list could much likely compete with the heap of papers on Komui’s desk in sheer length. And still, there was something special about Allen. Kanda had to admit that. And then he wasn’t thinking all that much about the Innocence. At least not that kind of innocence. No, it was something else. The young man wasn’t a soulmate, but he was a challenge. And a very attractive one.

Kanda walked straight over to the bathroom door and stepped in. He almost was a little disappointed over the lack of reaction from the young male in the bathtub. But Allen seemed to be fully occupied playing with the soap bubbles and not very surprised being intruded upon.

“Here, I bought you a present.” Kanda threw a small package into Allen’s hands. As expected, the young man was quick to open it.

“A duck?”

“Yeah, I saw it in a shop and somehow immediately thought of you.”

“He looks angry,” Allen commented matter-of-factly.

Kanda tilted his head and looked at the yellow rubber duck. “No, I think it’s more anxious. As I said, it remembered me of you. Small, anxious look in his eyes, and still a cute plaything.”

Without hesitation, Kanda started to undress while Allen was inspecting the toy duck. In fact, Allen didn’t look up until his elder had stepped into the tub. If it was out of some weird bout of shyness, or actual interest for the duck, Kanda couldn’t tell. Not that he really bothered which. He exhaled slowly when he sank himself down into the hot water, the combined mass of the two men’s bodies making for water to slosh over the top of the tub.

“So that’s what you were thinking of when you told me you had an errand.” Allen put a finger on top of the duck’s head, making it bob up and down, playfully. “I must admit I never thought this was what you were after.”

With that, Allen moved closer to where Kanda sat. “So, a sign of affection from you?” he asked, trying his best to sound amazed. “That’s so kind of you!” He played up his best cuddly style, practically curling himself up beside Kanda. Something he knew irritated Kanda to no end.

“It’s only a rubber toy,” Kanda said with a frown that clearly told Allen he had succeeded in his attempt. “Don’t go all sappy and cute on me over such a thing.”

“What? You mean you don’t like me?” The playfulness in Allen’s voice made the mockery in the question very obvious. “I thought we were friends.” To emphasise his point, he let his hand touch Kanda’s leg under the water. “Somehow, that’s the impression I got, at least.” His hand moved upwards along his muscular thigh.

“Stop it,” Kanda said. Allen was playing with fire, and he knew it. He knew it all to well. Or at least Kanda thought he must know it. No one was naive enough not to understand that. Or was he? Sometimes it was very hard to understand how Allen’s mind worked.

In any case, Kanda didn’t intend to give the initiative to Allen. Two could play this game. The only problem was that maybe he was doing exactly what Allen wanted him to do. And Kanda didn’t really like the thought of being manipulated by the younger male. But for now, he had to live with that eventual loss of prestige.

“If you want to play, we’ll play,” he stated, and at the same time his hands got a steady grip on the white-haired boy’s waist and shoulder, pushing him down in the water before he had time to react. “What are you doing?” Allen spluttered when he a second later pushed himself up over the surface again, in the process making the duck use his chest as a water slide and with a small splash ending its run in the shallow water between his legs.

“Just playing with the bath toys,” Kanda answered with a grin, while seemingly reaching for the duck.

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